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Coatings for Battery Electric Vehicles

Furthermore, the electric-vehicle revolution has arrived. OEMS are continuing to accelerate investment in full electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion battery packs. Along with the tremendous technology advancements at every level, it also presents profound challenges related to system performance, durability, safety and cost to support success in demanding transportation applications. Along with protecting and beautifying these vehicles, PPG is helping OEMs and battery and component manufacturers accelerate the development of tomorrow’s automotive and commercial vehicle energy storage solutions.
Our work in the battery electric vehicle space has enabled PPG to develop cost effective products that eliminate harmful NMP in the cathode coating process while maintaining battery performance. By leveraging its expertise in fluoropolymer coatings, PPG has created an improved binder when compared to typical battery electrode coatings. These new binders will lower toxicity and improve formulation and application processes, while providing equal or improved cell performance.
Our broad-based materials expertise and ability to tailor critical properties – developed through decades of leadership in the transportation, aerospace, industrial and consumer electronics industries – touches virtually every area of battery design and construction.
PPG is focused on developing:

  • boosted energy density
  • extended service life
  • improved safety
  • increased manufacturing throughput
  • reduced cost per kilowatt hour
PPG has identified the best technologies to address specific functional requirements, but also aligned each solution with the overall battery system design as well as each customer’s unique process capabilities. PPG has successfully implemented reliable, high-volume, automated production of battery cells, modules and packs. PPG – delivering solutions for the design, construction and production of Li-ion battery cells, modules and packs.
  • Dielectric Protection: PPG dielectric coatings are used in place of film and/or tape solutions to eliminate gaps, bubbles, seam failures and edge protection issues, and to support high throughput and automated application.
  • Fire Protection: PPG offers a growing range of highly effective solutions to protect the vehicle battery from a fire and help mitigate thermal runaway events. PPG is able to leverage proven intumescent coating technologies from other markets into this growing space. These solutions can be mass produced and  include Battery Fire Protection (BFP) suitable for various battery applications and needs.
  • Thermal Management: PPG coating solutions can support and enhance all Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) strategies. Common solutions and applications include gap filler / thermal conductivity coatings between battery plates and modules, and thermal conductivity coatings between cooling coils and plates.
  • Construction & Sealing: PPG’s proven adhesive and sealant technologies are ideally suited to a variety of EV battery pack needs, including sealing of pack shells and components, fixing of cells and modules into packs, structural reinforcement, and impact resistance.
  • Corrosion & Impact Protection: PPG’s comprehensive mix of market-proven electrocoat, powder coating and polyurea coating solutions for Li-ion battery shells. Each can be applied through cost-effective, high-volume automated processes.
  • EMI/RFI Shielding: Shielding applications in electric vehicles include electronic hub cases, HMIs, telemetric systems, ADAS sensors, AV sensor fusion systems, plastic/composite battery enclosures / covers, battery management system cases, and battery chargers and inverters. PPG has both nickel and silver-coated copper sprayable conductive coating solutions.

With the automotive industry pivoting to utilizing the latest and greatest technology to deliver on the future of mobility, society’s use of automobiles will also be shifting. Paints and coatings will play a role in this shift. 
Whether the challenge is reducing emissions, enabling increased use of lightweight materials and mixed metals, ensuring precise technology application, or enabling safety and performance, PPG is innovating and delivering solutions that drive success. Performance is measured through each of these capabilities and hundreds more that ultimately help us ensure customer success and to protect and beautify the world.

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