PPG Industries Automotive OEM Coatings
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PPG clearcoats are specially formulated to produce the world class finish with superior appearance and durability demanded by today’s consumers. PPG clearcoats can be counted on for their performance and value, and the confidence that comes with knowing they are supplied by one of the world’s foremost providers of paint technology.

PPG is a leader in offering the most advanced and innovative clearcoats in the automotive industry. PPG offers a full range of clearcoats capable of meeting or exceeding the most demanding OEM quality and performance specifications, including one component (1K), two component (2K), matte finish, and scratch resistant clearcoats.


PPG's 2K clearcoat, CERAMICLEAR®, was the first clearcoat to use abrasion resistant technology to achieve previously unattained levels of scratch, mar, and etch resistance. This patented technology creates a hard, ceramic-like surface that provides superior resistance to damage caused by day-to-day use, car washes, and environmental hazards such as acid rain and tree sap.


PPG's Diamond Coat, is a high solids 1K clearcoat. Diamond Coat is one of our most popular clearcoats used extensively throughout North America. Diamond Coat clearcoat is compatible with a wide variety of solventborne and waterborne basecoats and provides very good appearance, etch, and chemical resistance.


Global 1K clearcoats are designed to be high solids, globally compliant clearcoats for use with waterborne and solventborne compact process systems. Global 1K clearcoat is capable of achieving very good appearance in the rapidly growing compact process system segment, which often involves rough substrates that are challenging for appearance. By being globally compliant, Global 1K clearcoat can be a common clearcoat used at multiple locations around the world by today's global automotive manufacturers. 


2K ISO clearcoats provide very good appearance and properties and are compatible with both solventborne and waterborne basecoats in conventional systems, where premium performance properties are not required. PPG has developed a 2K ISO clearcoat specifically for use in Compact Process systems where optimal appearance is desired. 

Enhanced Performance 1K Clearcoats

In addition to standard acrylic / melamine cured clearcoats, PPG has developed a broad portfolio of 1K clearcoat products in other chemistries, such as carbamate and acid-epoxy, to meet a wide array of varying customer requirements. PPG can tailor these clearcoats as necessary to match critical performance characteristics of each customer, whether it’s solids content, environmental concerns, compatibility with solventborne or waterborne basecoats, specific physical properties, etc. The newest additions to our line-up enhance the total system capability for today’s compact paint systems utilizing 1K clearcoat.


OpTech 1K clearcoats are high solids and primarily used with solventborne basecoats, often in 3 wet compact process systems. However, they can also be used with waterborne basecoats in conventional paint process systems. OpTech achieves very good appearance and provides strong etch, chemical, and scratch & mar resistance.


HiTech is a 1K clearcoat with medium solids and used commercially all over the world. HiTech is compatible with a variety of solventborne and waterborne basecoats. HiTech clearcoat is specifically formulated to provide very good appearance over a wide range of application conditions as well as very good scratch and mar resistance. It also provides good properties for etch and chemical resistance.


NCT® is the only non-isocyanate based 2K clearcoat in use by automotive OEM’s. NCT is specifically formulated to provide excellent appearance over solvent borne and waterborne basecoats. NCT also provides very good physical properties for etch and chemical resistance.


PPG has developed a family of durable low gloss clear coats suitable for application on high production volume assembly plant paint lines. These low gloss clear coats are designed to provide a matte finish that will satisfy the desires of car owners looking for that unique appearance to set them apart from other vehicles on the road, typically in the luxury and sporty segments. PPG's MatTech clearcoats are preferred by automotive manufacturers because they can be implemented with minimal disruption to normal high production volume paint line operations.