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PPG Automotive Adhesives & Sealants


Lightweighting is an increasingly common trend, with national and regional legislation driving changes in automobile materials sourcing and joining methods, PPG provides solutions that meet today’s requirements and prepare OEMs for future changes.

The increased use of aluminum, high strength steel, and composite materials requires advances in adhesive development that can effectively join dissimilar materials with different cure temperatures. These joints require increased use of toughened or crash resistant structural adhesives that stiffen load bearing components. With so many disparate materials coming together in such critical areas, there is an increased need for the ability of the adhesive to cure at lower temperatures. PPG remains committed to continued development of innovative solutions for these important low curing sealers and adhesives.

PPG also offers ultra low density sealants that improve light weighting and hem sealers for improved corrosion protection. Our underbody coatings improve the vehicles durability and anti-chip coatings help to protect the vehicles decorative layers from stones and road debris.



PPG Industries has completed the acquisition of REVOCOAT on April 1, 2015, a global supplier of sealants, adhesives and damper products for the automotive industry, from the AXSON Group.
"The addition of REVOCOAT to our automotive coatings business strengthens PPG's global automotive adhesive and sealants product and technology offerings, enabling us to better serve our automotive customers around the world," said Cindy Niekamp, PPG senior vice president, automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coatings
REVOCOAT, headquartered in France, is a world leader in automotive adhesives and sealants and offers a range of automotive assembly products such as complementary epoxy-based products, polyurethanes and water-based emulsions. REVOCOAT employs more than 500 people and operates eight manufacturing facilities and one research and development center.